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Some news from the Panwila Lighthouse Church that we are supporting in Sri Lanka. The Pastor is Alexei Liyanage.

The church began in 1972 pioneered by Rev Ranjit Jayakrishna who had a vision for this locality. Most of the members are labourers of the tea plantations and the surrounding villages. As these people are desperately poor, the offerings of the Church is very low. However I must say that they are good givers to the Lord in their poverty. We manage our selves with much difficulty but work joyfully unto the Lord.

They have a gathering of 50-60 people on a Sunday despite a membership of 200 people who are always not able to make it to the church regularly. Most homes are covered during the week by pastoral visits with bible study and prayer.

The church were very thankful for the gift we gave them which enabled them to purchase some important items for the church such as a guitar, lectern, a keyboard, a lap top computer, curtains for the church and the building of a toilet too.




Since the civil war it has been a difficult time for families in northern Sri Lanka. Many families and children are displaced and vulnerable. There has been an increase in drugs and alcohol abuse with associated crime. This has exposed many children to gang culture and neglect, abuse or trafficking for crime.

Hebron Church Centre is doing something about it! There is a government School nearby which finishes at 1:30pm.  Many parents & carers have to work until 5:00pm this means children have nowhere safe to go until they come home.  Children wander the streets. Many have been abused... often by relatives or others who are supposed to care for them.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1229Hebron Church Centre started a drop-in session run by Church members every friday for these children... first with two children, the numbers rapidly grew to 12.  Recently a bright local Student volunteered to help with teaching these sessions until she goes to university, being from a poor family herself, her parents are not keen on her going to uni.... We have decided to give her a monthly payment for her excellent work and would like to help support with her Uni expenses.  From this small beginning God is doing great things in these children’s lives.

Future Plans...
Divide into two groups and increase to classes two days a week for a wider age range. (at present we are taking only grade 3-9... ages 7-14yrs) in a safe, caring, environment.

We are planning to give students  tea & eats after classes. We will begin a Child sponsorship program to cover these costs.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1231Many of these students look after younger brothers and sisters who come to class with them, we are unable to look after these little ones at present but want to build a play area equipped with educational toys for them to use while the older ones study.

Lighthouse Church - New Malden are supporting this program through an accountability partner and we know that many poor children will benefit from the Centre. We want to invest for these children’s future development because we believe All Children are a gift from God.

All Donations to Hebron will Go 100%  Directly to supporting this Drop-in centre.  Please Contact Us

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