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Breaking Generational Curses-1 (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 11/02/2018
Winning in 2018 - Endurance (Part 4) (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 04/02/2018
Movie Sunday - Forrest Gump (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 28/01/2018
You're a Winner! (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 21/01/2018
winning in 2018 - Part 2 (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 14/01/2018
Focusing On Jesus - Honouring The House (download)
Bob Mullins, 07/01/2018
Winning in 2018 - Focus on Jesus (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 31/12/2017
The True Spirit of Christmas (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 17/12/2017
Lighthouse Celebration Of Carols (download)
Lighthouse People, 16/12/2017
It's A Heart Matter (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 10/12/2017
The Power of Invitation (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 03/12/2017
Time To Launch Out (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 19/11/2017
Living In The Light (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 12/11/2017
Actions Speak Louder Than Words (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 05/11/2017
The Prophets Room (download)
Bob Mullins, 22/10/2017
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Sunday Sermon Notes

Our Sermons aim to stir our faith.....but we dont always remember everything we hear. These notes will help you bring it all back.
Breaking General Curses-1 SamJ (85.0KB)
Prayers and Proclamations Booklet (143.1KB)
Winning in 2018 - Endurance (Part4) (70.2KB)
You're a Winner! (86.8KB)
Focus on Jesus - Honouring The House (112.5KB)
Winning in 2018 Part 1 Focus on Jesus (88.8KB)
Christmas Day 2017 (88.3KB)
The True Spirit of Christmas (75.7KB)
Its A Heart Matter (89.3KB)
Christmas Adverts (69.6KB)

Sinhala Sermon Notes

We have a number of Sri Lankan Sinhala speakers among us so provide the translated Sermon Notes.
Winning in 2018- Self-Control (Part 3) Sinhala (182.5KB)
Winning in 2018 - Endurance (Part 4)-Sinhala (171.6KB)
Winning in 2018- (Part 2) Sinhala (180.2KB)
Winning in 2018-Sinhala 31122017 (256.3KB)
The True Spirit of Christmas-Sinhala 17.12.2017 (210.4KB)
Bob Mullins, 19/12/2016