Our Vision

Our Vision - To Win, To Mend, To Train, To Send
We are a passionate people with a Vision for the future.... about how and where we believe God is leading us. We Express this through these four simple aims.

To win - Evangelism - Through the leading of the  Holy Spirit, we will endeavour to reach out to the local community showing God's love to our community locally and elsewhere by any possible legal means.

Corporate Worship and Praise - In our worship, we will exalt and lift up the name of Jesus in any way we can. We desire the Holy Spirit's presence releasing His gifts amongst us.

To Mend - Preaching, Teaching and Exhortation - The  Word of God must occupy a central and vital place in our lives individually and corporately for it is our authoritative guide for living, is creative and healing in its effect and brings us to a place of growth and maturity in Christ.  We will seek to clearly teach its truths by any practical means.

Personal Growth in Life - Every member will be encouraged to establish a solid foundation of personal Bible study and prayer and, by God's grace, live out the truths learnt in their life.

A Spirit-Filled Fellowship - Every member should be born-again, recognise and repent of all his or her sin. We will teach and encourage baptism in both water and the Holy Spirit. Members will be helped to discover their God-given spiritual gifts and given every encouragement use them to their full potential.

To Train -  Commitment - Members will be encouraged to be committed to Jesus Christ as Lord. This will lead to a desire to meet and work together with fellow believers giving and receiving financial and other practical support.

A Praying Church - We will encourage every means of prayer in the Spirit and with the mind. This may be in Tongues, or whatever language is natural for the member.

Leadership - We believe in the five fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11-13. The Pastor and Elders will lead the church forward by God's grace. We will practice servant leadership with accountability.

To Send - Mission - It is our desire to support both prayerfully and financially, those whom God calls to serve Him both in the UK and overseas, as He directs us. This will include appropriate preparation and training for a mission.

Unity With the Wider Local Church -  We shall seek to maintain fellowship with other local and regional apostolic ministries, pastors and churches, with mutual accountability and respect for gifts and ministries.