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I Will Find You, And I Will Love You (download)
Shane Jayakrishna, 05/08/2018
Fathers-Who are They? (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 17/06/2018
Go's Promises As We Move (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 10/06/2018
Transitioning (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 03/06/2018
Follow the Van! (download)
Bob Mullins, 27/05/2018
Be The Game Changer (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 20/05/2018
Moving House (download)
Bob Mullins, 13/05/2018
Church On The Move (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 06/05/2018
Community (download)
Pastor Adriano Sheops, 29/04/2018
Growing in Faith 2 (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 22/04/2018
Growing in Faith. (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 15/04/2018
The Place You Most Want To Be. (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 08/04/2018
Truly This Was The Son of God (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 01/04/2018
Redemption & Forgiveness Through The Blood Of Jesus. (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 25/03/2018
Hope Through Ownership (download)
Barry Robberts, 18/03/2018
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Sunday Sermon Notes

Our Sermons aim to stir our faith.....but we dont always remember everything we hear. These notes will help you bring it all back.
Pursuing Jesus (90.1KB)
Being Planted In The Love Of God 29july18 (74.2KB)
How To Help & Serve (71.1KB)
Head 'Em Up….Move 'Em Out…. (102.1KB)
God's Promise As We Move (92.9KB)
Follow the Van (96.4KB)
Be The Game Changer (83.1KB)
Moving House (112.3KB)
Growing in Faith 2 (82.2KB)
Growing in Faith. (81.4KB)

Sinhala Sermon Notes

We have a number of Sri Lankan Sinhala speakers among us so provide the translated Sermon Notes.
Being Planted In The Love Of God 29.07.2018 Sinhala (195.5KB)
How to Help and Serve People 22.07.2018 Sinhala (258.4KB)
Dads Fathers who are they-Sinhala 17.06.2018 (171.7KB)
Moving House-20.05.2018. sinhala (361.2KB)
Growing in faith-1 (186.5KB)
Bob Mullins, 19/12/2016