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Reaching Out (download)
Bob Mullins, 14/04/2019
A Heart For God (download)
Sean Jayakrishna, 07/04/2019
The Mother Heart Of God (download)
Shane Jayakrishna, 31/03/2019
Advancement (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 24/03/2019
Excellence (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 17/03/2019
Heart Values - Honour (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 10/03/2019
The Spoken Word In Faith (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 03/03/2019
The Word Spoken in Faith (download)
Sean Jayakrishna, 24/02/2019
Simple Faith Brings Great Results. (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 17/02/2019
Pat Sparrow Speaks (download)
Pastor Pat Sparrow, 10/02/2019
Blessed To Be A Blessing! (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 03/02/2019
Two Mountains. (download)
Bob Mullins, 27/01/2019
Giving Thanks For Harvest (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 20/01/2019
Ready For Harvesting (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 13/01/2019
The Year of Harvest.. (download)
Sam Jayakrishna, 06/01/2019

Sunday Sermon Notes

Our Sermons aim to stir our faith.....but we dont always remember everything we hear. These notes will help you bring it all back.
Reaching Out web (678.7KB)
Advancement (87.2KB)
The Spoken Word In Faith (77.8KB)
Its Time For The Prophetic Utterance By The Church (68.6KB)
Simple Faith Brings Great Results (76.1KB)
The year of thanksgiving 3 Feb 19 (73.6KB)
Two Mountains - Pix (1.0MB)
Ready For Harvesting (77.9KB)
The Year Of The Harvest And Thanksgiving. (85.5KB)
No Excuses (74.4KB)

Sinhala Sermon Notes

We have a number of Sri Lankan Sinhala speakers among us so provide the translated Sermon Notes.
The spoken word in faith- Sinhala 24.02.19 (213.0KB)
Simple faith brings great results 17.02.2019 Sinhala (295.3KB)
The year of thanksgiving-Blessed to be a blessing 03.02.2019 Sinhala (293.0KB)
Ready for harvesting-13012019 Sinhala (207.2KB)
Putting Jesus at the centre of Christmas 23122018 Sinhala (213.1KB)
Bob Mullins, 19/12/2016